APV Safety products

Development partner since 2011

  • Stayput is part of an APV approved general purpose seatbelt kit with AS2596 certification.
  • Product validation by APV NATA test facility - Dynamic sled tests

As Australia’s largest seatbelt manufacturer, in association with our NATA Approved Testing facility, we receive a number of people who believe they have a “Unique safety invention for motor vehicles”.  The Eggshell Restraints “Stay Put” System has proven to be the best performing system of its type we have seen.

…APV is supportive of the product and believe it will make a positive contribution to road safety and the protection of its occupants.


Chris Sweetman, General Manager APV Safety Products P/L


APV Endorsement and Testing Report

Freedom Motors Australia

Preferred Installation partner

Actively marketing and selling Stayput in modified vehicles that carry abled and disabled persons.

…Freedom Access Vehicles have installed several Stay Put Buckling Systems into vehicles.   …This system is much safer than the already existing plastic cap over the standard seat buckle system that can only be deactivated by using a special key…it would be very difficult to unbuckle the person quickly in an emergency.

Robert Van Mullekom, General Manager Freedom Access Vehicles P/L

Amtek Pty Ltd

Preferred Installation partner

  • Experienced reseller and installer of Stayput systems into modified vehicles for transporting people with disability.

Circuitwise Electronics Manufacturing

Manufacturing partner

  • Electronics manufacturing partner

Recent installations

  1. Disability Services Australia
  2. Wesley Mission
  3. IHC New Zealand – New Zealand's largest provider of services to people with intellectual disabilities
  4. NSW Gov't: Ageing, Disability and Home Care (ADHC) which is part of the Department of Family and Community Services.
  5. NSW Gov't : Ambulance