How can I ensure the safety of persons who habitually undo their seat belt, in the least intrusive way?  Stayput has the ONLY PROVEN answer.

The Stayput Safety Belt Security System is a normal seat belt with driver-operated security option to protect against habitual unbuckling.

Features and Benefits

Looks and operates as a normal seat belt

Stayput seat belts include an additional driver-operated security feature that is only activated when deemed necessary during a journey.  At all other times, it can be unbuckled as normal. This eliminates the buckle guard, behavioural harness (depending on the individual) and associated safety implications.



Automatically reverts to a normal seat belt in an accident or when the vehicle's engine is switched off.  


Creates a safe environment to trial behavioural strategies and develop skills

A safe environment exists, whilst the security feature is activated, to trial behavioural strategies.  Also, over time Persons practice correct seat belt use as they independently apply/remove it when safely parked, and learn not to interfere with a seat belt on-route.     


Ensures Drivers compliance with road rules

Drivers can guarantee that passengers wear a seat belt whilst the vehicle is moving or stationary (but not parked) in accordance with current road rules.  This protects Drivers and Carers from fines and litigation.




The Stayput Restraints Safety Belt Security System was awarded the

International Gold Award for safety products

at the International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva 2008


An Australian Invention

The Stayput Safety Belt Security System

 Proudly Designed & Made in Australia

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